Everyone knows that today it’s impossible to live your life without good friends!

This is true for us as well. Below is list of links to websites of our close friends who work in the music industry and show business. They make our lives better and happier every day!

баннер антон макарский   Anton Makarsky. Movie star. Official website.

oleg galynych   Oleg Galynych. Photographer.

женский шоу оркестр танслу   TANSLU – girls show orchestra. Official website.

Антон Силкин   Anton Silkin – Lively melodies, dance rhythms, charming accordion…

Виктория Макарская баннер   Viktoria Makarskaya. Official website.

неделька   3 OK PRODUCTIONS – Jazz & Lounge cover band, acoustic trio, exclusive disco/pop music, female duet. Voice lessons in popular music performance.

Звукосвет – rental and installation of PA system, light and various projection equipment for shows and public events.

dolls trio   Violin Group DOLLS – performs instrumental electro shows and as a classic acoustic strings trio.

Игорь Яковлев   Igor Jakovlev – rock musician. Official website.

джаз в казани   Jazz in Kazan.